Training is key to youth employment, Arab News article

Education alone can’t land youth jobs

JEDDAH: Academic education is available in both the government and private sectors. However, education alone is not enough to create job opportunities, according to Ayman Maamon Tamer, chairman and board member of Tamer Group.

“This is because businesses and industries have become highly specialized and knowledge- based. In the Kingdom, we have to establish many training programs where colleges also have to contribute. We need private-public partnership in every industry,” he said.

He added that there was scope for improvement in the education system. Also, we need to improve social education to teach Saudis how to respect other people’s opinions, respect their religions and values, he said. “Above all, they must show their willingness and determination to accept change.”

Prosperous economy, building human capital and the welfare of the community are his four main concerns.

“My real concern is to have a geopolitical atmosphere with clear policies prioritizing community benefits and social well-being, which is what we are witnessing in Saudi Arabia today.”

*Published in Arab News on October 16th 2012